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Before joining the journalism world in 2005, Steve spent 15 years doing consulting work and freelance contracting within the IT space, with a focus on infrastructure management and security.

He helped start and run The Tech Herald, contributed to Slashdot, and wrote daily news for Security Week. After that, he spent five years as the Senior Staff Writer at CSO Online, where in addition to his daily news assignments, he ran the publication’s flagship security news blog: Salted Hash. He’s also father of two, grandfather of one, and a former co-host of the Southern Fried Security Podcast. Currently he is working with a well-known, but otherwise unnamed security company doing research and publications.

Why Technical Outcast?

The name Technical Outcast is a play on words.

Over the years, while working as a full-time journalist covering security, I dealt with researchers and privacy-minded people who don’t usually go out of their way to speak to the media. Hackers and security researchers have a natural caution towards the press, and trust is a big issue. In many cases, these trust issues are well-founded. As time moved on, I’ve earned the trust placed in me, but I’ve always been a bit of an outcast because of my profession. The technical part of the site’s name is another pun. I’m a technical journalist, and one of the things I’m most proud of is the fact I worked in security long before I started to cover it.

So I’m not really an outcast, I’m just a technical outcast.


Outside of 401(k) investments, in which he has no say into what companies are represented by a given fund, Steve Ragan has no other direct investments in the companies he covers. If such investments are ever made, this section will be updated with a full accounting of them.

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