Kit Hunter Updated to v0.2.27

Earlier this summer I wrote about Kit Hunter, my Python project for systems administrators that locates phishing kits on web servers. For the most part, most of the updates have centered on the tags file instead of the kit itself. Today I updated the core code because I needed to add a brief note explaining the delay as the tags file itself is read.

Normally, the script takes seconds to load and generate a report, but because the tags file has grown so much, I felt that adding some sort of notice was warranted. Since I changed the core code itself, the version number was updated to reflect it, even if it was a minor change.

More Changes In The Works

As for the tag file, it’s now at 200 lines, and will detect a majority of the kits currently being traded by scammers online. Today I added about 60 kits worth of new information, and I still have dozens of kits to research. If you’re following the project on GitHub, make sure you grab a new copy or update your forks.