11 Dec 2023

Introducing the RSS Archives

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Today’s update is a quick one.

I’ve decided to start recording my thoughts as I sort out my news reader. To do this, I’ve created a new tag (RSS) and will file all of my posts under it.

The RSS Archive will be a log of the things I’ve come across in my RSS feeds. It could be social media posts, news, code, scripts, etc. It just depends on what I am reading and my mood at the time.

Along with an overview and summary of a given article - provided in part by my experiments with OpenAI and Generative AI application building - each post will include my personal thoughts at the time.

Articles in this series might be expanded into full-blown features, but again it depends on my mood and the amount of time I have on my hands.

Feel free to share feedback with me on social media, I’m easily found.


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